Ultimate Stock Scanner

We have created a professional stock scanner with an interface even a beginner will understand how to use, available on Android & iOS!

As a real trader, we needed an app that monitored OTC, Pinksheet, NYSE, AMEX, and Nasdaq stocks from as low as .0001 to as high as $5 – but none met all of our needs for reliable, nightly scanning of the days action.

Many times while sitting around at night, we felt a desire to check out the days action from our phone, but no app had every feature we wanted or needed. Our goal was to create the absolute best penny stock market screener app for traders looking to see what stocks may require more of their attention in the days ahead.

Looking for the days biggest NYSE movers under $1? Check! Triple zero stocks? There’s literally hundreds! Low float stocks? Find them easier than ever. There are over 3500 companies in our database.

First, use the stock filter to narrow down by five important criteria:

  1. Price under .001, under .01, under $1, or under $5 (ALL)
  2. Volume over 0, over 100K, over 1M, or ALL
  3. Share counts under 1M, under 1B, under 5B, or ALL
  4. Daily Percent Change choose Green, Red, Over 100%, or ALL
  5. Tier choose NASDAQ, NYSE, OTC, or ALL

You then hit ‘Find Matches’ and instantly see a list of tickers that fit your criteria.

The results are displayed in a sortable table (another must-have). Sort by price, symbol, percent change and more!

You can also click on a result to view an interactive chart provided by our favorite stock chart website. There are over 25 technical indicators as well such as Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, RSI and many other technical analysis strategies. Thank you, TradingView.com

When available, press releases will be listed under the NEWS tab. Looking into adding more news sources next.

This app is meant to be a research starting point on potentially active stocks. I use this app daily and truly believe it will put stocks in front of you that you may not have normally seen, as it does for me.

Pricing may change to a monthly subscription model in the future. Existing PRO users would still have full access if any pricing changes were made. Market data like price, volume, and percent change is updated between 4:00PM and 6:00PM EST every day. The average time of update is 4:15PM. This app does not provide live quotes; idea was explored but the number of data requests from an exchange would triple app price. Share structures are updated monthly due to the sheer workload required to acquire this info.

Disclaimer: We are not a registered investment advisor. This app is not to be considered investment advice. Data is for informational purposes only. We have no affiliation with any public entities. We have no affiliation with Nasdaq, NYSE, AMEX, OTCM, or any other market exchange or firm. All logos belong to their corresponding companies. Read disclaimer within app for more information. Share counts are typically AS for OTC, OS for Listed.

Below is a video highlighting our stock scanner. Get it today on Android & iOS and become more aware of what is happening in the market!