Thursday Oct 25 18 Hot Penny Stocks

How is your portfolio looking today? We wanted to make sure you took a look at SDVI. The ticker has traded around 264,255,806 shares traded so far today, but compare that to their average daily volume of ~ 2,452,645. Our scanner is showing a move of 150% at the moment. Last headline from Yahoo Finance: Signature Devices, Inc. (SDVI) Acquires Leading CBD Technology Company, Nano 101 came out this morning. The stock has responded by turning into today’s hottest play.

Another one demanding attention today is BMXI – Brookmount Explorations Inc. – with a last trade price of $0.0149, quite different from yesterday’s close of $0.008. BMXI’s share price multipled by their share count gives it a market cap of $3,175,421. Approximately 1,940,000 shares have been traded today!

Our penny stock scanner also noted AFTC which has a last price of $0.0009 showing 80% change on the day. For more than 15 years Alternative Fuel Technologies and its predecessor companies have been engaged in the design and development of dimethyl ether (DME) fuel injection equipment. DME is a clean fuel for diesel engines that will reduce dependence on petroleumreduce vehicle emissions and lower greenhouse gas emissions. AFTC updated its contact info on OTCMarkets. At the time, it was .0004x.0005.

Thursday was also exciting for Portage Resources Inc. (POTG). Today’s range is $0.00175 – $0.0033. POTG is based out of the state NV and its total shares multiplied by its share price gives it a valuation of $5,665,734. is not a registered investment advisor or broker-dealer. Investors should not rely on information given by to make investment decisions.

We hold no positions in $SDVI – $BMXI – $AFTC – $POTG