Thursday 10/18 Top OTC Stocks

We’re jumping right into it with one of today’s hot penny stocks, TAYO. The stock has exchanged approximately 771,542 shares traded compared to the average of 5,225. This penny stock has moved 242.47% on the day.

Another penny stock is AITX – Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc. currently showing a last of $0.055, vastly different from its previous close of $0.037. AITX’s share price multipled by their share count gives it a market cap of $130,625. Approximately 686,679 shares have been traded today!

Yet another attention-demanding play is RSHN which is currently showing a last of $0.0031 showing a change of 29.17 percent change today. Rushnet has historical ties to the beverage industry and while this will be a focus with the development of its trademarked Knockout PunchTM products lineRushnet will develop and manufacture products from the l underserved areas and sectors of CBD production. While CBD is the cash cow of the futureand will be the major component of knockout punchTM’s three beverage lineshemp byproducts of the production process will be the focus of Rushnet’s futurebenefitting from what is so often discarded in the production of CBD gold.

Thursday was also exciting for ICTV Brands Inc. (ICTV). Daytraders are taking advantage of today’s range between $0.06 – $0.1. ICTV is based out of PA and is valued on paper at $2,662,349. is not a registered investment advisor or broker-dealer. Investors should not rely on information given by to make investment decisions.

We hold no positions in $TAYO – $AITX – $RSHN – $ICTV