Hot Penny Stocks Today Monday

Several tickers have traded quite heavily today, among them is FRNV, Frontera Investment Inc. FRNV has witnessed 1,535,504 shares traded so far today, compared to the average of 42,256. Ticker FRNV is up 134% today and closed at .117!

One other interesting penny stock is PCLI – Protocall Technologies Inc. – you may notice it is currently at $0.0004, compared to it’s previous close of $0.0002. PCLI has a market cap of $301,845. The volume has exceeded 80,944,085 shares just today and it closed up 100%.

Another company hitting our scanners is MMEX, reporting a last price of $0.002 up 52.67% swing. MMEX Resources Corporation (MMEX) is a development stage company formed to engage in the explorationextractionrefining and distribution of oilgaspetroleum products and electric power. The most significant focus of its business plan is to build crude oil refining facilities in the Permian Basin in West Texas. For more information about MMEX visit

Another Monday mover is GifaInc. (FRFS). Today’s range is $0.078 – $0.139. FRFS maintains a business address in NY and has a market capitalization of $14,483,000. is not a registered investment advisor or broker-dealer. Investors should not rely on information given by to make investment decisions.

We hold no positions in $FRNV – $PCLI – $MMEX – $FRFS