Biotech Stocks FDA Calendar

Our Mobile FDA Calendar is the easiest way to stay informed about publicly-traded companies with upcoming FDA decisions!

Nearly every trader has seen a stock +300% or -40% on an “FDA Approval” or “FDA Requests More Info On Drug Before Approval” press release. Wish you knew about the upcoming FDA decision? Now you can! FDA Drug Decision dates are publicly available information, but not exactly published for traders to easily find.

These FDA decision dates are known to have the unmeasurable potential to change the way investors look at a stock forever. Approved, denied, or postponed? – No matter the outcome, these stocks are known to be extremely volatile and can provide major opportunities.

What This App Does: We find public companies with pending FDA decisions and add them to our “FDA Calendar”. You will not see a true app-store update because every time you load the Calendar within the app, it checks our server to make sure you have the latest batch of companies we’ve discovered. This app simply displays a list of stocks with a potentially huge event ahead.

There are sites that charge over $25 a month for access to their data. We scour through hundreds of press releases, message boards, SEC filings, and FDA related websites to find the latest catalysts. At times there are just 6 stocks with pending decisions and at other times we’ve had 18+ stocks with pending FDA decisions! Please keep this in mind as the number is not truly decided by us as one user had thought!

– Intuitive, sortable, FDA calendar with the price when added
– Over 118 shared FDA decision dates and counting
– Stores most recent data for offline viewing

More Info: An “FDA decision” comes from the Prescription Drug User Fee Act. The “FDA date” is also referred to as the “PDUFA Date”. We only share dates that have been given by the company via official press release. The date posted on our calendar is technically the FDA’s “last day” to respond to the company – most of the time, the decision does indeed come on the announced deadline date (the date we share with you), but we have witnessed early and late decisions in the past.

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