10/23 Tuesday Top Penny Stocks

Today’s popular stock is TRON. Toron Inc has exchanged approximately 18,467,240 shares traded so you can compare this to their average volume of 3,773,144. Our scanner is showing a move of 72.03% on the day. The last news we saw from them headlined: Toron Provides Corporate Status Regarding Corporate Actions

One interesting penny stock is MGTI – MGT Capital Investments Inc., where the last trade went through at $0.0755, quite different from yesterday’s close of $0.05275. MGTI is currently valued at $4,458,759. More than 8,991,488 shares Tuesday.

Our penny stock scanner also noted WOGI, sitting at $0.0017 reporting a 41.67% change on the day. World Oil Group Inc. is a world class international petroleum and management company that uses actionable intelligence from its strategic relationships to target and identify niche market opportunities in and out of the United States.

Our penny stock chatroom also saw Guard Dog Inc. (GRDO). Today’s price range is $0.00328 – $0.0045. GRDO maintains a business address in NV and has a market capitalization of $8,037,322.

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